Cloud-based Enterprise Mashup Integration Services for B2B Scenarios

Siebeck, Robert G.; Janner, Till; Schroth, Christoph; Hoyer, Volker; Wörndl, Wolfgang;Urmetzer, Florian
Siebeck, Robert
Janner, Tii
Schroth, Christoph
Hoyer, Volker
Wörndl, Wolfgang
Urmetzer, Florian
Proc. MEM2009 workshop (in conjunction with WWW2009)
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We observe a huge demand for situational and ad-hoc ap-
plications desired by the mass of business end-users that
cannot be fully implemented by IT departments. This is
especially the case with regard to solutions that support in-
frequent, situational, and ad-hoc B2B scenarios. End users
are not able to implement such solutions without the help of
developers. Enterprise Mashup-/ and Lightweight Composi-
tion approaches and tools are promising solutions to unleash
the huge potential of integrating the mass of end users into
development and to overcome this “long-tail” dilemma. In
this work, we summarize different patterns on how to real-
ize B2B collaborations between different Mashup platforms.
We also evaluate cloud computing infrastructures available
on the Web as they might be a suitable platform for B2B
integration via Mashups. As a major result, we provide an
overview and first results of an architecture and implemen-
tation of a prototype that implements an API for Enterprise
Mashup integration services. This prototype is built on the
basis of different existing cloud infrastructures and services

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