What do we "mashup" when we make mashups?

Wong, J; Hong, J

This paper describes preliminary work in the uncovering of mashup patterns in order to find new directions for the design of mashup tools. We conducted a qualitative survey of high-quality mashups, as nominated in two popular mashup directories, and examined how the mashups made use of existing websites or improved upon them, how data from multiple websites were combined, and what kinds of user tasks these mashups might be suitable for. We describe a set of patterns what we found in our sample of mashups.

Making mashups with marmite: towards end-user programming for the web

Wong, J; Hong, JI

There is a tremendous amount of web content available today, but it is not always in a form that supports end-users' needs. In many cases, all of the data and services needed to accomplish a goal already exist, but are not in a form amenable to an end-user. To address this problem, we have developed an end-user programming tool called Marmite, which lets end-users create so-called mashups that repurpose and combine existing web content and services. In this paper, we present the design, implementation, and evaluation of Marmite.

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