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Wong, J; Hong, J
What do we "mashup" when we make mashups?
2008 Feb09
Gamble, MT; Gamble, R
Monoliths to Mashups: Increasing Opportunistic Assets
2008 Feb09
Francois Belleau, Marc-Alexandre Nolin, Nicole Tourigny, Philippe Rigault, Jean Morissette
Bio2RDF: Towards a mashup to build bioinformatics knowledge systems
2008 Feb09
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A methodology for quality-based mashup of data sources
2008 Feb09
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Semantic mashup of biomedical data
2008 Mar09
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Joining the results of heterogeneous search engines
2008 Mar09
Sahooa, Satya S.; Bodenreiderb, Olivier; Rutterc, Joni L.; Skinnerc, Karen J.; Shetha, Amit P.
An ontology-driven semantic mashup of gene and biological pathway information: Application to the ...
2008 Mar09
Khan, MS; Kulathuramaiyer, N; Maurer, H
Applications of Mash-ups for a Digital Journal
2008 Mar09
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Information integration for the masses
2008 Mar09
Hoyer, V; Fischer, M
Market Overview of Enterprise Mashup Tools
2008 Mar09
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Damia: data mashups for intranet applications
2008 Mar09
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Wishful search: interactive composition of data mashups
2008 Sep09
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Dbpedia: A nucleus for a web of open data
2008 Sep09
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Mashups for Data Integration: An Analysis
2008 Sep09
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Enterprise mashups: Design principles towards the long tail of user needs
2008 Sep09
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Mashups: Who? What? Why?
2008 Sep09
Maraikar, Z; Lazovik, A
Reforming mashups
2008 Sep09
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Elucidating the Mashup Hype: Definition, Challenges, Methodical Guide and Tools for Mashups
2008 Sep09
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Understanding mashup development
2008 Sep09
Kim, Yang Sok; Kang, Byeong Ho
Search Query Generation with MCRDR Document Classification Knowledge
2008 Feb10
Leitner, P; Grechenig, T
Electronic Commerce Mashups: Combining Applications to Useful Services for Shoppers
2008 Mar10
Benslimane, D; Dustdar, S; Sheth, A
Services Mashups
2008 Mar10
Markl, V; Altinel, M; Simmen, D; Singh, A
Data Mashups for Situational Applications
2008 Mar10
Griffin, Eric
Foundations of Popfly: Rapid Mashup Development
2008 Mar10
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Building Mashups for the Enterprise with SABRE
2008 Mar10
Cheung, KH; Yip, KY; Townsend, JP; Scotch, M
HCLS 2.0/3.0: Health care and life sciences data mashup using Web 2.0/3.0
2008 Mar10
Thor, A; Aumueller, D; Rahm, E
Data Integration Support for Mashups
2007 Feb09
Aumueller, D; Rahm, E
Caravela: Semantic Content Management with Automatic Information Integration and Categorization
2007 Feb09
Ennals, R; Gay, D
User-friendly functional programming for web mashups
2007 Mar09
Rahm, E; Thor, A; Aumueller, D
Dynamic Fusion of Web Data
2007 Feb09
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2007 Feb09
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Swashup: situational web applications mashups
2007 Feb09
Zou, J; Pavlovski, CJ
Towards Accountable Enterprise Mashup Services
2007 Feb09
Wong, J; Hong, JI
Making mashups with marmite: towards end-user programming for the web
2007 Feb09
Kulathuramaiyer, N
Mashups: Emerging Application Development Paradigm for a Digital Journal
2007 Feb09
Cho, A
An introduction to mashups for health librarians
2007 Feb09
Beer, D; Burrows, R
Sociology and, of and in Web 2.0: Some Initial Considerations
2007 Feb09
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MashMaker: mashups for the masses
2007 Mar09
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Towards service composition based on mashup
2007 Sep09
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Defining Mapping Mashups with BioXMash
2007 Sep09
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The two cultures: Mashing up Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web
2007 Apr10
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2007 Mar12
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Enterprise information mashups: integrating information, simply
2006 Feb09
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2006 Nov12
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iFuice-Information fusion utilizing instance correspondences and peer mappings
2005 Nov12